We strive to be as near a zero-waste establishment as possible. We are composting the majority of our waste, recycling another large piece and producing a relatively small amount of garbage. All of our service-ware is either reusable or compostable (even when it looks like plastic!) so customers also play a role in helping with our zero-waste goals!


Each year we compost over 12,000 lbs and recycled about 8,800 lbs. This gives us a diversion rate of about 90%. These efforts created a reduction in greenhouse gas emission equivalent to 14 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This is the same as taking three cars off the road for a full year. And we were only open four months! Thanks to all our customers for participating in this success!





Sandcastle consulted with a Hennepin County Master Recycler to develop our zero-waste service plan.  We invested in a majority of compostable service products and developed a trash system with a goal to have all customer waste composted or recycled. We decided to use real silverware to save on costs but otherwise, even the cups that look plastic are corn based and industrially compostable.


We have kegged house wine and beer with some other options in can and glass that can be recycled. We recycle all used fry oil donating it to Community Homestead, a farm in which people with developmental and other disabilities live and work together to reach their fullest human potential. Our kitchen equipment is new and high efficiency. Lastly, we also focus on composting and recycling in our kitchen reducing garbage waste significantly.


If you are interested in becoming a Master Recycler, just go to Hennepin County’s website.





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